About Alliance

Alliance is the leading magazine for philanthropy and social investment worldwide. It provides news and analysis of what’s happening in the philanthropy and social investment sectors across the world. It also acts as a forum for exchange of ideas and experiences among practitioners. As well as news and conference reports, articles, book reviews and opinion columns, each issue has a special in-depth feature on some key aspect of philanthropy and social investment, with contributors from around the world and expert guest editors.

Subscribers to Alliance receive four issues of the magazine a year as well as 8 Alliance eBulletins, an email newsletter which provides news and analysis of current developments in all months when the magazine is not published, as well as full access to the Alliance archive featuring all past issues dating back to 1998. Visit our website to subscribe to Alliance.

Much of the benefit of Alliance comes via our website. In addition to the subscriber only content mentioned above, it also features monthly interviews with prominent figures in the field of philanthropy plus regular articles and reports from conferences around the world, which are available free to all. Visit our website to sign up to receive a monthly email update outlining all free content.

We also provide a regular blog service via our ‘Latest from Alliance feature. We launched ‘Latest from Alliancebecause we want to be in touch with our readers more frequently and to bring you items of breaking news and readers’ responses to previous articles as we receive them rather than waiting for the next eBulletin or the next issue of the magazine. In addition to the regular news pieces and blog posts from our editor, Caroline Hartnell, we also feature guest posts from other contributors. Sean Stannard-Stockton of Tactical Philanthropy and Betsy Brill and Hilda Vega of Strategic Philanthropy will be contributing monthly guest posts to ‘Latest from Alliance. We also regularly feature guest blogs from philanthropy conferences that we are unable to attend ourselves. Visit our website to sign up to ‘Latest from Alliance via RSS, you can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

Alliance magazine at Foundation Week

For Foundation Week, Alliance has assembled an international team of contributors that will be blogging throughout the week. We will post regular updates and responses to sessions on this blog site, as well as video interviews and end-of-day summaries. In addition to Caroline Hartnell and the rest of the Alliance team, bloggers will include:

  • Akwasi Aidoo (TrustAfrica)
  • Gina Anderson (Philanthropy Australia)
  • Daniel Ben-Horin and Rebecca Masisak (TechSoup Global)
  • Filiz Bikmen (Sabanci Foundation)
  • Steve Gunderson (Council on Foundations)
  • Terry Odendahl and Chet Tchozewski (Global Greengrants Fund)
  • Fernando Rossetti (GIFE)

You can follow Foundation Week through this blog in various ways; via RSS feed in a reader, by signing up to receive email updates or by Twitter and Facebook.

In addition to welcoming comments from everyone on all of our posts we would also love to hear from attendees of the conference. If you are/were an attendee of Foundation Week we would also urge you to visit our special comments section where we are collecting thoughts on any sessions or the week as a whole.

Alliance will also be producing a comprehensive conference report which will be available after the event.


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