The Juicy stuff @ the Foundation Week

Bhekinkosi Moyo

Bhekinkosi Moyo

Are you bored, lonely, tired or miserable on the fourth day of the conference? This is a page for you. Its contents are as close to truth as the hand and a glove-yet so distant from lies as the north and south poles. Like you, after almost a week in Brussels and my three blogs I began feeling bored and lonely. I have been routinised: go to a session, write a blog, eat and sleep.

Bang, party time!

Yes, some party went down after the reception last night-just a few metres from the reception venue.

The dance floor!

I had hoped to tell you what went down there. I wanted to break from the norm and tell you who has the moves and who is damn boring among foundation executives. It is not be-because as you might imagine, I am equally implicated in what I was about disclose. In addition, I forgot my mental notes perhaps due to a ‘tipsy condition’ I shall hold responsible for this loss. However I can assure you that if it was by me, day four and five of the conference should have more of last night and very less of this serious stuff.

If this helps, let me share some of the quotable statements that I picked up in between sessions. Please treat these as ‘dangerous humour’. Imagine the following dialogues:

The first is a meeting between an experienced foundation executive and a university professor. ‘I will be going for a sabbatical’, says the foundation executive. ‘Will you be studying”? asks the professor.

The second is a story of an African woman activist. After giving a brilliant presentation to a European audience, a white gentleman says to her; ‘You damn good; I am going to hire you’.

The third is a story of a leading foundation executive who studying many years ago in Britain, made a strong academic presentation that provoked an American professor to remark; ‘You made such a good presentation. You are very good. You must come to my university and I will sell you’.

The last one for today was made at a session I attended on emergency responses. A discussion on Haiti revolved around who responded when, how and a lot of mention of scientologists and the US military in also responding to the disaster. ‘What the hell were they doing there’? asked some presenters. But more telling though was an intervention by a Haitian in the room who said; ‘I had an aunt trapped under the rubble and frankly I don’t care whether she was pulled out by a professional, a scientologist or some crazy guy, all she wanted was to be saved, and I was not there’. That my friends is a call for humility in the work we do!!!

Oops, just when I thought I was done, some chap has just made an astounding quote, ‘this business of removing people from the rubble is the biggest scandal in the world’. And the response from a fellow panellist, ‘we are the suckers, for many this is a racket’

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